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Hotel and Sielanka Farm

The Sielanka nad Pilicą Hotel, situated near Warka, is a veritable oasis of peace and comfort surrounded by splendid nature. Its quiet, calm and bucolic views are due to the green wall of Stromecki Forest on the one side, and the picturesque Pilica River Valley on the other. The Hotel is located just 50 km from Warsaw, which means that it is within an easy reach for conference groups and individual guests alike.

The Hotel is a part of a large complex called Sielanka Farm.

It includes one of the best horse-riding centres in Poland and a modern equestrian sports centre playing host to prestigious domestic and international competitions. Thanks to the charm of Sielanka Farm and the highest quality of the services rendered there, the International Horse-Riding Organisation awarded it the organisation of the 2007 Driving World Championship.


The Farm is surrounded by over 100 hectares of beautiful meadows, forests, ponds with angling spots, picnic and recreation areas, places ideally suited to pursuing outdoor sports, team building events, etc. Its excellent location, multitude of attractions and above, the hospitality, commitment and professionalism of the staff at The Sielanka nad Pilicą Hotel mean that this is an ideal place for active relaxation and organisation of all types of corporate events.

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